Monday, April 7, 2008

Case study Decision

Coach Dodge, a man of major spotlight for more than a year now, is my choice for my case study. I have a partner I'm working on this with. I think it will be a good case study to do because I already know a little bit about his story and what I think his tipping point was. I think the football program scandal, accusing Dodge and his fellow coaches of racism/favoritism, shined a negative light on Dodge and his team. It would not have been so bad if the team was excelling on the field but Dodge didn't live up to all the hype that surrounded his arrival to UNT. So with a high paid salary and a strong reputation Dodge should have been on his a game, winning sunbelt conferences and building a legacy of football family instead, the scale tipped and the media is very unforgiving. They began to question his worth. There were articles derived from the allegations; most of Dodge's players defended him, stating they are all like family and the accusers were not accepting responsibility for their actions. I am half way excited to be working on this case study. At first I was concerned on my topic and layout but not I feel more confident.

Golin Harris Visit

I really enjoyed my visit to Golin Harris visit. It was informative and free, which I absolutley love. I think it was worth my friday. I learned there are not always jobs available but interships are in abundance. I feel like every agency has cubicles, a little disturbed by that, don't really care for a cubicle. But the people there actually gave me faith in agencies. They were nice and really took the time out to show us the ropes and even asked for our opinion. I maybe would have kept time-management more closely. Maybe even cut a few presentations, I wont name names, but the consumer gut who wasn't prepared and the inside edge lady who was sweet but just caught us at a bad time. We had just ate plus, the day ticked by after three o'clock passed. She seemed nice and very skilled at her job. If given the opportunity I would definately go again. Thanks to my profesor for inviting me and Golin Harris for hosting us.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Case study ideas

I am on the look at for case study ideas but I'm a bit confused, rather stomped. I look at your example and kinda get the idea now. We have to find something negative or positive in the news that affects a company. Like for example TI products are everywhere now including medical instruments. Or that some organization has decided to donate money to build something good for the community. Once I pick a top I know I will have to research to see what other companies or organizations have done the same thing in order to help my hypothetical company make the best decisions based on facts that we have from the past. Im a little concerned but have decided to give this 110% of my mental effort.

A New Book

I asked a classmate what types of things I should blog about and she told me stuff like a new book your reading or something that interests me. So I decided to do that, I think my lack of internet enjoyment makes it a really difficult task to blog at a constant. I have never been a compter person, I used to check my email once a week. Anyway back to my new book, which is actually an old book. I am reading The Giver. I read it when I was in seventh grade, I thought it was good then so decided to re-read it. I enjoy the setting, an isolated community that is controlled by strict rules. The main character is a young man who is about to be the only person in his village with knowlegde of the past and outside world. It is very percular. I also checked out my tipping point book. I got it at the Denton Library and met Dr. Busby's wife:) She was a very nice lady. Well until next time.

Wikipedia assignment(thoughts of the experience)

I have enjoyed and dreaded working on the wikipedia assignment. It is a really cool idea. As a student I feel more involed in the real world. This is not something I would have thought of on my own and totally appreciate the opportunity. When we got together as a group is was quite chaotic. Christina Burns implemented the "talking stick" which was kind of effective. It was funny too, we are adults passing around a talking stick. We started off pretty good, in my opinion, but everyone just started going off the deep end. We started deleting and charging small words. as you know, we even came to the conclusion that we should delete PR and marketing professional. We had a really good arguement as to why it should be exonorated. We were all really sold on the idea, now that I think back it was quite funny. I think we were thinking too hard about the wrong thing or we just took the wrong approach. I wrote a new definition in which I gave to Amy.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

United goes local/Michelle Owens Visit

After Michelle's visit I was intriqred. I actually went to a Market Street, the one in McKinney. The people were very nice and helpful. I thought back, as I walked the aisle, of Michelle's visit. The employees seemed happy to be there. I didn't have to ask for help it was offered, well except for this one man. The man in charge of the wine section could be retrained he wasn't the best:) I had to ask him for service and he wasn't warm and friendly like his co-workers. The bag boy insisted on carrying my few bags but I didn't let him. It was the experienced Michelle described. Though this wasn't the new one, it had a huge clientele and everything your heart/stomach could totally desire. I enjoyed shopping there and would give word-of-mouth advertising any day.

Ethic Guidelines for Poetry Foundation

I personally think it is a good idea, actually an innovative idea to put their guidelines for ethical practices on their website. To put their vaules and acceptable behaviors on public display is a bold move. It gives you the chance to see how the foundation deals with corporate practices like free gifts and contests. I know if I was a potential sponsor of the organization I would be more then happy to back them up. I would feel confident in the foundation because I know it does have guidelines that it stands behind and actually practices. The fact that the only time a "modest" gift is given is when someone has had a death in the family, leaving or retiring or has become sick themselves. I real believe other foundations could learn something from this fantastic idea. Which leads me to the idea that there are people in this country that believe charities and foundations are fake. Fake meaning they do not do what they say they are going to and have done. These people believe things like the Katrina charities did not do with the funds they recieved what they said they did and were gonna do. It seems absurd on one hand to me becuase of legal regulators but in the other hand that is alot of money and not alot of results......Hmmm, makes me wonder.